Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hmmm...four more days until my next visit to the doctor to check the status of my ankle and to see if the hard cast comes off. Can't believe that I'm actually enjoying this time in a way. One of the reasons is that I've learned how much time I waste on a daily basis due to distractions, running around in the grocery and art supply stores, etc. Having these weeks of convalescence has also given me time to think about the importance of organization in my studio...OK Antoinette, now that your studio is done can I get on your list for help? As a working artist, organization is crucial and can translate into a loss of income as a direct result of wasted time in your work space. I'm amazed at how many pieces of work I'm completing on a daily basis. I've continued to work on "boxart" for the "Dancing Divas" and "Masks" series with much hope that the work will continue to evolve over the next few weeks. The colors are vibrant and have a cazy energy about them that I love.

A couple of weeks ago I was writing about the "Hard Cast Blues" because I felt like whining a little and handling the crutches was a lot harder than I'd expected and hey...Mom needed some attention! By day 4 I realized the sympathy wasn't coming from anyone in this house(they're a tough bunch)and that I'd better figure out the crutches fast before I broke my neck! By the way my son told me he has a greater appreciation for me and what I do for the family...OK, they're not so tough after all. The"Hard Cast Blues" may take on a different meaning once I'm able to return to my normal routine(laundry, transporting our son, cooking, cleaning, working, etc.)and all those things that seem at times to interfere with the creative flow.

Well,the 'ole camera batteries are dead...need to get some before Wednesday so I can post shots of recent works and the cast of course!

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