Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Albany Showcasing African-American Women Artists

Ms. Bettye Stull, Curator, "Evolution of the Girl Child" at the McCoy Center

Well the New Year is certainly starting off with a blast! Sistahs of the Arts collaborative is the focus of an exhibit titled, "Evolution of the Girl Child" which recently opened(January 17) in New Albany, Ohio at the beautiful McCoy Community Arts Center. There are several things that make this exhibit so special and unique. First, it's an exhibit that's done completely by African American women artists. Secondly, we are all local artists featured in the show. Third, represents the joining of two separate galleries(the King Arts Complex and the McCoy Center) showcasing women's art.

The original exhibit was shown at the King Arts Complex last year in May and ran through the summer. The fact that nine of the original artists works are now at the McCoy Center means that it's a travelling show. There's no sound effects button that I can insert here for some whistling...so just imagine it!

Special thanks to Ms. Bettye Stull, of the King Arts Complex, for curating the show. And a big thanks to the Executive Director of the McCoy Center, Ted DeDee and Julie Kriss, Director of Constituent Relationships.

Click the site below to view a video clip featured on the Channel 10(WBNS-TV) news yesterday evening(1/18/10).

New Albany Showcasing African-American Women Artists


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