Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, guess you could say I took a little vacation from the blog...didn't mean to, it just happened. It's such a good day and I've been truly blessed as a woman, wife, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, niece, granddaughter, artist, teacher and mentor. I love being me and the life that God has blessed me with. I thank him daily for the journey and for everyone and everything He brings into my life. I thank Him for being able to rise each day to address the creativity within me...just love it!

I'm trying to "see" because my eyes are full of tears. Recently worked on new pieces for the upcoming group exhibit "Sistahs of the Arts: Evolution of the Girl Child" which will open on May 7th at the King Arts Complex. This work drew me deep within to look at my life and selected moments from my journey as an artist beginning at age twenty. It's not where I thought the work would begin at all. I had envisioned the frilly dress period and much to do with my birthplace of Kentucky...but it didn't happen that way. Went as far as researching my family history even more, hunted through my stash for additional pairs of "little girls black patent leathers", online searches, many sketches and plans. However, the creative spirit within took me someplace a place and time in my life when I "froze" and couldn't move past the hurt and pain. A time when I said, "I won't do this art any more" a time and place of much
inner a time and place where I no longer wanted to be me(the artist).

But it's an AWFULLY GOOD DAY when you can look back and see where God has brought you...from a place of despair to that of great joy and faith! Yes, IT'S A GREAT DAY!


Tracy said...

It is a good day!!! That was a great blog entry, and I completely understand the process that you went through. In the moment when God journeys me back through those very dark blue places in the past of my life, I dread it, I hate it, I can't wait to push past it, but on the other side of that there is always an opportunity to share with someone who is where I was, or on the cusp of being where I was that I can share with. How glorious it feels to be able to share the hope of how God moved us past, healed us from, built us up, set us apart, cleaned us off, shined us up..... and put us on our path to life more abundantly with someone who needs to hear it.

Your blog blessed me today, and you have so often been a blessing of encouragement to me in general, and in my craft specifically. Have a fantastic Easter girl!!!

mystele said...

praise him! thank you for posting about this process.