Monday, September 7, 2009

Aaahh! It's Good To Be Back!

Well, after many months away from the good ole' blog site, busy with the May exhibition and teaching this summer...things are winding down and returning to my regularly scheduled program. This summer was a blur but lots of fun with highlights being: all the children home(and boyfriends) for our nephew's wedding in Dayton, Ohio...festivals...driving to Winston-Salem, N.C. to meet friends for the National Black Theatre Festival...the beautiful catalogue that the King Arts Complex provided for the exhibit and the wonderful words shared in statements by Dr. Barbara Nicholson, Executive Director and Ms. Bettye Stull, Curator... closing reception for Evolution of the Girl Child... and Women of Vision coming down from Pittsburgh to join us and the delicious food we had at LaVerne's afterwards.

This summer had me teaching for the first time at the Ohio Craft Museum, which was such a learning experience for me that I felt that I was enriched as an instructor as a result. Was able to chat with fiber artist, LaVerne Kemp a few times during break periods and peaked in on her wonderful felting projects. The kids were fantastic, thanks Ms. Betty Talbott for getting me involved with the program and the wonderful children. Thanks to the Greater Columbus Arts Council(GCAC)and Ohio State University for our Art In the House(AIH) visiting artist, Jingfei Li and Jeff Chan(OSU)
for sharing the art of Chinese kite making with our students in July.
I'm always excited when there's an opportunity to share a new experience with my kids in the AIH program particularly. To actually have Jingfei visit on her tour of the U.S. from the province of Yunan was quite remarkable and memorable! The history behind the kites was very interesting. Thanks Oulanje for the arrangements made in order to get them to us on short notice. We had great fun even though the weather didn't allow us to fly our kites that day!

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