Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Teaching the Teacher

Well, my mother shared some insightful words of wisdom with me the other day. As I was excitedly telling her about experiencing a change in my teaching experience this summer( game was stepped up)she calmly informed me that "that's what teaching is all about." Now my beloved Mom is a retired elementary school principal and prior to that taught in the classroom for many years, so needless to say her words of wisdom go a long way with me. So, if this sensing of ones' skills being elevated to a new level as a result of the interaction with students and support staff...why did this feel so new to me after many years of teaching? If you're expecting a profound answer from me, I'm not sure you'll find it here. The only thing I know for certain is at the end of the summer I experienced a heightened sense of responsibility and honor that comes with the profession that many often respond to with a loud guttural "ugh!" I realize that I've been blessed with the capacity to really enjoy working with children. My students are always greatly appreciated for their honesty(even if I don't want to hear it), humor(nothing funnier than a classroom of kindergartners, for example)and capacity to express their love for you through countless pictures that are thoughtfully executed and left on your desk, hugs, and offers to share their candy(even when they've already bitten into it).

Each day I find myself praying that God will show me how to make art exciting for those I serve. What I now know, is that he's been answering my requests all along and even threw in a bonus of allowing me to experience many "aha" moments that come when the students teach the teacher. Therefore, to God, Mom and my students I respond with a heartfelt "thank you!"

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Say It In Color said...

I LOVE what you share with prods me on to greater things and to serve Him...thanks!