Monday, March 4, 2013

"Queen Mother" Mixed-Media Work

Close up view
 Had this collage and painted face of my great grandmother, Julia Jackson, hanging around my studio for a while and realized a smaller format might work instead of the full body originally envisioned. "Muh" as all the grandchildren fondly called her was a tailor of men's suits by trade so in this piece I've included the old wooden spools of thread at the top. Other items added were pattern pieces( in dress and halo), antique packet of hook and eye closures(she kept the family together), a piece of cloth my friend Debbie Jackson brought back from Ghana(Muh was a Garveyite but never got to return to the motherland of Africa) along with a cowrie shell at her neckline.

"Queen Mother"
 What I'm realizing is that I'm still not pushing myself enough in some of my work...this feels like it's missing a lot. The background could stand to be darkened...her birth date might lend itself to the story. In terms of subject matter, I have probably used "Muh" as a repeated subject more than anyone else...actually she's the only one that has been reworked. Maybe I'll take some photos of the other variations through the years and share here.

Would love some feedback on this piece as I hope to make changes and post the photos side by before and after

Loving the journey!

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Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

I know that you did this a long time ago but I have just discovered it and it is absolutely brilliant, I love your grandmother's portrait painting. You captured her expression beautifully .