Friday, March 1, 2013

Art Masks

Kraft tape mask with chicken wire armature
I was downloading photos from my camera and suddenly realized how many projects were in my studio during 2012.

Side view
Here's a large mask constructed for Tapestry Performance Arts Company but later decided it reminded me of something used during Mardi Gras and left it in the garage.

Paper mache masks
These masks are in the early stages of development and would eventually end up being worn during the performance of "The Awakening of Art-Volume 1 at the King Arts Complex, Pythian Theater, September 15, 2012.

Completed mask worn during the performance of "The Awakening of Art-Volume 1" September 15, 2012 Janet George, photographer.


These large masks were simply held by the dancers during the performance. For photographic purposes they were placed on a painted background.

In all there were about twenty masks I made for Lori Wallace and Tapestry Performance Arts of varying sizes. Some worked better than others as was witnessed by the bird headdress(not shown) that I'd formed on a wig stand and when complete could only be worn by a pre-schooler. It was especially funny when I asked my husband to try it on for me and realized it may not work!  Lesson learned...measure each individuals head in advance, there is no one-size fits all in the noggin department. Afterwards I remembered that wigs have elastic sewn in them...hmmm.
Mask on right made of glue soaked muslin strips over chicken wire armature

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