Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, I can finally say that it's over...or is it the beginning of something new? Did actually unveil eight new dance pieces that are funky, fun and colorful . "Dancing Divas" were received very well...hopefully will post some shots of this artwork soon. The "Divas" will eventually make it to my website and for anyone familiar with past work especially the Praise Hands and masks might recognize some of the same recycled materials being used in a whole new way.

Yes, I know it's the wee hours of the morning but my mind and body say let's get to the studio and create! This weekend's Art-A-Palooza event at Hair Structures Salon was an incredible experience for me. To be able to spend the weekend with some of the most talented artists in Columbus was a high. For those of you that think your creative juices can only flow in the privacy of your own don't know what you're missing until you get with other sistah's tuned in to their own particular gifts. WOW! Thanks DJ for allowing me to come into the experience...Antonette, I love my doll and I'm grooving to the music right now, who mixed that? Lisa, love your bounce and wonderful jewelry especially my yellow ring...Voszi, can't wait to strut the Queen's stuff when I wear my beautiful new outfit...Benja, you're going to get me in trouble with those beautiful handbags, but most importantly your sweet potato pie is serious...Nikki, can't wait to see the canvas, your work is beautiful. DJ your jewelry's off the hook. Attalah, love my crocheted locs hat...can't wait to get the red one. Oh yes, for those of you unable to attend have you noticed that I came home with something from most of the artists? It's a joy to wear and have each others work.

God Bless,

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