Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, while responding to someone else's blog I end up starting one of my own...go figure!
It's the 2nd day of December and the snowflakes falling outside my window are whispering the onset of what I'd like to call "Artist Hibernation Syndrome". As far as I know it's not fatal or contagious(maybe someone would like to verify that) but merely a season of creativity that I experience every year about this time.

Does it have anything to do with the holiday season? Could it stem from the fact that as the temperature takes a dive outdoors my inclination to run around outside declines? Has it anything to do with the purchasing and storing of supplies (that made me think of a squirrel storing up for the winter) that's occurred all summer? Guess it has something to do with all the aforementioned but most importantly I love this time of year and have always looked forward along with our children to "snow days". A time to stay indoors and work non-stop on whatever art work has escaped me during the summer months. Things slow down in the winter and rightfully so. If that canvas sat since the onset of spring teasing me with the prospect of what was to come upon its completion, then now is the time for me to pick it up and begin creating.

So for all of my friends(artists and non-artists) who may wonder what has happened to me over the next several months since I may seem to have vanished. Or to those who question whether I've moved away because I'm not answering my phone(especially those who know my personal schedule)...rest assured that I am fine and simply enjoying my artist hibernation.

God Bless!

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