Friday, December 19, 2008


Two days ago, in order to heal a torn ankle tendon, a hard cast was placed on my left leg. If I had been given the gift of music, this current challenge would probably cause me to pen a tune titled, "Hard Cast Blues." Anyhow, for the next four weeks my mind is being challenged to find some means of creating art around the cumbersome cast and crutches...did I mention while keeping my leg elevated?

O.K. so my plans include continuing the new series with "box art" pieces that I began a few weeks ago..."Dancing Divas". "Box art" is the term I created about 8 years ago to explain the process of recycling discarded comsumer packages into art. The process involves cutting up a cereal box for example, drawing on top of the existing images, then re-assembling the designed pieces into a new artwork. Earlier images posted here utilize that method of art. Well, here's to the next 28 days of creating to the tune of the "Hard Cast Blues".

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