Monday, December 12, 2011

Blick's Lesson Plans

Thanks to Blick art for the wonderful lesson plans provided in each of their annual catalogs. For years I didn't pay them much attention and therefore missed some wonderful opportunities to share pre-tested projects with my students. Now when it's time to toss them out each year I gently remove the lesson plan pages, insert them in acetate sleeves and store in my lesson plan binder which holds years of wonderful projects.

Proud artist
This year I began my after school program with "Architectural Letters" which originated from Blick's (by the way the same neat lesson plans are online if you don't receive the catalog). Week after week my budding artists devoted themselves to the construction of these letters. Hey, I love building things as much as my students but was glad when the project finally ended two months later.

No, it didn't take that long to complete but when you have only one hour a week, teacher professional days which means no programming for us and other various scheduling interruptions....simple projects can stretch out. The other reason for extended projects is that I always try to keep the environment very relaxed. As long as the students are happily creating and enjoying what they do...we're good..

Thanks again Blick's for helping me out when I need something new to create!

Not bad for fome-core, paper cups, glue, kraft tape and paint. Actually, the possibilities are endless with this process.

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