Sunday, December 11, 2011

"I'm Thankful"

"Each day I rise and thank God for the opportunity to make more art!" is what I found myself writing on a painted picture frame I'd prepared before class recently. Since 2008 I've been blessed to teach youngsters in grades K-6 in an after school arts program called Art in the House (AIH).

Budding artists
I'm thankful for the students I've been able to share my passion of teaching and creating art with all these years. I'm thankful for one of the best groups of kids I've ever worked with in my years of teaching, who have taught me so much and keep me working hard to deliver my "A game" each week. I'm thankful for the students who attend our weekly classes expecting that I'll be there to guide them on another creative one hour journey. I'm thankful to be able to witness the individual growth of my students, the awesome work and ideas they continue to generate each week. I'm thankful for my personal growth as a teaching artist as witnessed by the fact  I now enjoy working with teens just as much as younger children. Can't begin to explain my initial reluctance to work with teens....and my thoughts that they'd "eat me alive." Now I wonder what I was so afraid of...their great to work with! I'm thankful for the recent hiring of a former (AIH) student as my apprentice artist. I'm thankful for the supportive staff of St. Stephen's Community House (my host site) and the warm greetings received each day that I enter the building....they give me a sense of belonging that's more valuable than gold. I'm thankful for the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC), all funders and especially Tim, Jim and Oulanje who continue to believe in me as a teaching artist and make it possible to share my passion each week. I'm thankful for the support of my family and their willingness to join in my tendency to "save everything" because I can use it with my kids in (AIH). I'm thankful for the extra hours of studio time available since our children are now grown and the house is empty for the first time in my married life.
Yes, "Each day I rise and thank God for the opportunity to make more art!"

Something for everyone to enjoy!

Recycled leather bracelet

Painting picture frames


Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

What a difference you make to those young kids lives, I too work with children and the rewards are great. We teach and share our knowledge not for money but because we know how that developing a skill and creating can be life changing.

Wepa said...

Thanks Sandra...your words are on point. As a kid art is what kept me alive and truly know the importance of others "pouring themselves" into the lives of children...that I've experienced firsthand.

Don't worry about skipping a month on your blog...think it's more important that we share.

Merry Christmas!