Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Let Loose"

On this season's X Factor which debuts some of the best singing talent around, a young lady by the name of Melanie Amaro has been of great interest to me. It seems all the contestants have had a story to share of their lives...overcoming drug addiction, adoption, raised by single parent, separation from parents, etc.

Melanie Amaro seemed like another talented young woman trying to capture the 5 million dollar recording contract that's been dangled over the contestants heads like a laboratory enhanced carrot. However, a few weeks back something happened that changed Melanie's subsequent performances and made me reassess my approach to my own art. During the episode which escapes me in terms of the specific week, young Melanie was told to "Let loose and be yourself" by celebrity judge Paula Abdul(in terms of her performance). I listened intently as if Paula were speaking directly to me... "Let loose  Wendy and be yourself in relationship to your art." I reflected upon the words and what they meant to not only Melanie but myself and the importance of being transparent in one's art. After all isn't art a mere extension of oneself?

By the next episode it was very obvious that Melanie had mulled over the advice and taken it to heart.  So after another perfect performance and while awaiting the judges comments, Melanie asks to speak and reveals a heavy island accent. I could hear everyone's head whirling across America and wondering where the accent came from. You see, it turns out that Melanie had been raised by her grandparents in the Virgin Islands and had learned to hide her accent after coming to the states and being teased by classmates. Ever since Melanie revealed her true self she's never sang more beautifully!

As artists, don't we owe it to ourselves to follow similar advice and "Let loose and be yourself." Maybe you've been holding back on trying a new technique, paint color or subject matter in your work. Maybe you have no problem letting loose in your work and if that's the case I'm happy for you. But for me I look forward to hitting some high notes with my art!

X Factor's Melanie Amaro

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Daria Dillard Stone said...

I feel you "Precious" aka Wendy "awesome art" Kendrick. Being transparent has been a strong suit of mine. But it was not until I asked God how HE wanted me to "let Loose" did I find the real meaning of being TRANSPARENT - HE gave me a TRANSPLANT - it is all in the WORD...enough said! Proud of you sis! Now "Let Loose" it is time - Sincerely "Sunshine."