Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Positve/Negative Designs

"Inside/Out Squares" was the name of the project I first introduced to my young students after reading an article by Jane Dunnewold in a Quilting Arts Magazine some years ago. I was so intrigued by Ms. Dunnewold's designs created from black construction paper(believe it was to help with creative brain block in quilting when trying to think of new designs) that I immediately knew it was worth sharing with my classes.

For my students' sake I called it "inside/out squares" because you're basically cutting out from one side of a square and opening that cut portion like a door, thus inside/out. If you visit Dunnewold's site at www.artclothstudios.com there's a free tutorial titled, "The Expansion of the Square."

Art In the House students share designs

Once students caught on there was no stopping

Even Mr. P enjoys the exercise

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Kyra said...

The kids' blocks are great! Have you ever considered creating a small catalog showcasing the work of your students?

Best, Kyra
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