Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ta Da! First Art Quilt

Piecing it on my design board
Hmmm...trying to figure out the rhythm

Detail of the finished quilt

Crib size completed art quilt

Quilt hanging in the Elijah Pierce Gallery at the King Arts Complex May, 2012

In January of 2012 I re-discovered my Bernina Pearl which had been patiently waiting  for me in the corner of my studio. After an unsuccessful attempt to sulk over my empty nest the eventual hum of my sewing machine was the cure much needed. Soon I would discover a free quilting class with @Amy Gibson at and combined that with the exhilaration of strip quilting suggestions found in @Rayna Gillman's "Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts"...freedom best describes the rush that followed!

Didn't finish the class with Amy after my surge of creativity but do plan on completing it sometime in the upcoming months (the beauty of this on-line course is that it's done at my own pace and available anytime).

Once started on this journey I discovered a delightful quilt shop in Mt. Vernon, Ohio called the Paw Patch, co-owned by mother/daughter team, Jean Hunter and Carol Skinner, respectively. After checking around on-line their shop was the only place that carried a line of Australian aboriginal prints...the same as that sample piece I'd purchased years ago at a local quilt symposium. Carol was able view the tiny phone images of my pieces ...get excited about it and make sound suggestions. Thanks Carol, I did end up hand tying the quilt!

What I learned from this experience is: 1) I'm not good at "pity parties" 2) Internet instruction can be awesome 3) Quilting is in my blood and I need to honor that inner desire to work with fabric! 4)Don't listen to "naysayers"...some think quilting can only be approached from a certain way...hmmm...interesting.

This year try to work in a different medium or at least experiment with an on-line class to challenge yourself!

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